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Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal

For my dissertation I have decided to produce a five piece spread on psychics and the paranormal. The overall piece will include a diverse selection of article styles, gonzo, interview and factual. The piece will be written by a sceptic (me) I do not believe in the subjects I address in the piece but intend to create a factual and enjoyable read for those who believe in the paranormal and for those who don’t. The contents within the piece will be entirely true. I intend to interview clairvoyants, attend psychic classes and have readings. Some readers may find some of the content offensive. I do not intend to do this; my objective is to write a piece on the paranormal and what in entails. I will attempt to connect with the dead and I will also attempt to read people’s palms and their future using my own crystal ball and tactics I have been taught by other clairvoyants, free of charge.

I intend to write an article about several readings I have attended and paid for by Mediums and clairvoyants who do this as a profession. As an experiment I shall have a reading by one clairvoyant being myself Rachel Smith. I will dress in my own clothes, go by my own name and look forward to what they have to say about my future. I will then pay for another reading by another clairvoyant disguised as a completely different person. I will link the similarities and differences and come to a conclusion.

Another piece that will feature in my dissertation will be an interview with a psychic. How and when they discovered they had a gift, how much money they earn and what their day to day life entails being clairvoyant.

I then purpose to attend classes and learn the ‘tricks of trade’ so to speak. I may even be convinced that some of these people have psychic abilities but I intend to produce a clear analysis of this. After I am comfortable with what I have learnt I will try to read a complete strangers future using tarot cards and my new developed ability.

  Finally I then want to take on the James Randi challenge. JREF offer a one-million- dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural or occult power. I intend to hound them with pictures and emails claiming I have a psychic ability and wait for a response. If they decide to fly me out to America to prove my ability then I am more than happy to take it on. Hopefully through the classes and experience gained I may have developed a real psychic ability. Of course I do not believe that this will happen but it will provide my piece will factual entertainment I hope many readers will enjoy.

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Critical Reflection Magazine Journalism

Critical reflection on Magazine Journalism

After a couple of weeks familiarizing myself with adobe fireworks I was excited about creating two spreads for magazine Journalism. I had an interview lined up for a confessional piece about a young girl who had been stalked for over three years by her ex boyfriend and the psychological damage it had caused her. So much to the point her hair had fallen out. The purpose of the piece was to raise awareness about stalkers and include help lines and advice for young females and males that have or are being stalked by an individual.

 My other piece was a gonzo article on the alien sightings in and around Winchester. I interviewed a Mr Adrian Hicks about his alien encounter in the city centre of Winchester.  I spent several late nights sat at the top of St Catherine’s Hill UFO watching. I was told to listen out for fighter jets and helicopters as these were a big giveaway to those who know about the apparent ‘aliens’ that live among us. I never managed to picture any space craft’s or see any for that matter but I enjoyed the anticipation of a possible sighting.  Adrian described in great detail about the paranormal activities that go on and introduced me to a man called Tom who was a great believer in ghosts, aliens and the paranormal. Being a sceptic I don’t believe in any of this but was fascinated by how strongly these people believe in ghosts and Aliens. He then told me about a spiritualist who apparently was the best in Hampshire. Due to popular demand he did not have any appointments within the time I needed. I really wanted to check how good these people were at what they do and how much they actually charge. Because of my new interest in spooks and the unknown I then decided I wanted to base my dissertation documentary on the paranormal, psychics and spiritualists.

I collected names, addresses and contact details of psychics in and around Hampshire and Yorkshire and started to begin my research. I travelled to Leeds and interviewed a psychic called Valda who lived down the road from my parent’s house. With my attention now fixed on building a strong case for my dissertation I missed the deadline for magazine Journalism. The only way around this was to incorporate the research and interests I found and write a structured five page spread that consists of gonzo and confessional articles on the subject instead of producing a documentary.  My dissertation will now have to include a gonzo piece and a confessional in order for me to pass the module. So far I have been on a psychic adventure interviewing clairvoyants and attending classes to bring out the ‘psychic’ in me.